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Client Spotlight: Meghan Salerno

I am so excited to showcase some of the incredible female business owners we have here in the Midlands on the blog ! As a branding photographer, I meet so many amazing women at the studio and I can't wait to share more about who they are and how they are making an impact in the community!

So with that being said, please meet Boss Babe, Meghan Salerno

Hi, Meghan! It's so awesome to get to know a little more about you and your entrepreneurial journey! Can you tell us more about your business? Yes! Okay, I own Soulshine Pelvic Health and Wellness and we're a pelvic health physical therapy clinic that focuses on lasting relief for patients and getting to the underlying cause of their symptoms. We treat the whole person and not just the pelvic floor! Oooh! As a mom, I know that pelvic health is so *important*. But I have to ask, what puts Soulshine Pelvic Health and Wellness above the rest? Love this question! We provide 1 hour, one on one treatment for patients where they get their providers undivided attention and can ask any questions/concerns they have. We also do tons of education so patients understand WHY we're working on certain things and how it's all connected. We evaluate patients from their head to toes since everything is connected! We always do what's best for the patient and don't listen to insurance companies or anyone else who tries to dictate care.

Understanding is key, I love feeling well-informed about my body! What made you specifically choose pelvic health? I chose physical therapy as a profession to help people heal with movement and without medication or other passive modalities. I shifted towards pelvic health because I wanted to help people with issues that affect their day to day life and help them get back to living and I felt like there was a massive gap in care in our current pelvic health landscape. I love working with people on things like returning to exercise post baby, bowel and bladder function, and sexual function because this all affects our lives in a profound way, and we don't have many providers that can help with these uncomfortable topics.

I'm going to take a second and be honest here, do you know how long it took me to realize that pelvic health wasn't *just* a post baby thing? I can see where your passion to bridge that gap in the pelvic health world came from but where did the idea of Soulshine Pelvic Health and Wellness sprout from? I didn't enjoy my jobs post grad after physical therapy school. I felt like I had worked my ass off to get a doctorate and wanted desperately to help my patients get better, but I was met with jobs that wanted me to treat multiple patients at once, for less time, and expected me to spend an excess of time arguing with insurance companies and altering my treatments and plan of care to create maximum profit. I have always done my best to value people over profit and felt like I didn't fit in the current PT jobs that were available to me. I did a lot of research on different PT models and settled on a my current business model of patient centered care. When your patients leave Soulshine Pelvic, what is the lasting impact? My patients leave knowing that they got my full attention and critical thinking to help them heal and live a life free of pelvic floor dysfunction. They feel valued and respected and like I have left no stone unturned and have assessed their entire body and how they move. They are armed with new education and empowered to use this knowledge to better their day to day lives.

That is amazing! Thank you for what you do for our community, Meghan. We need more like you! We're going to end with this last question: if you could choose a quote that embodies your business, what would the quote be and why? My favorite quote is "be who you are and be it well." We love and respect all humans and strive to help all feel welcome and that they can be themselves and tell us anything at all that relates to their care and wellbeing in order to move forward.

Make sure you are following Meghan on IG @soulshinepelvichealth !!!


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