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Client Spotlight: Dr. Thommi Lawson

I am so excited to highlight this amazing woman! She is a therapist, speaker, leadership consultant and author! Did I mention that she is a master at helping individuals find work/life harmony? Yep! She wrote an entire book on the topic. I just had to introduce her to my followers!

Please meet the beautiful and inspirational Dr. Thommi Lawson...

Hi, Dr. Thommi! We're so excited to give you the spotlight this week! Can you tell us about your business and what you offer?

Sure! Connect Grow Thrive Counseling LLC is an online mental health practice providing a safe therapeutic virtual space for clients to start the process of unpacking their stories and creating empowering narratives that allows them to connect, grow and thrive. The practice serves clients in South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina.

Awesome! Why do you think your clients choose to work with your company specifically?

I provide services using HIPPA compliant video platform that allows clients to connect in their safe place comfortably and conveniently.

I know the video platform has to make it super easy and convenient for your clients! Okay, we HAVE to hear your story! What interested you in this industry and why did you pick this as your career?

Starting out with a degree in Accounting, I worked in that field until I completed my MBA in Information Technology. I was really good at my work and was well-compensated as I moved into high-level positions. But there was always a nagging feeling that I was not where I belonged..but the paychecks were sweet. A series of fortunate events required me to help my employer in the Human Resources area, and I suddenly felt excited about work. I discovered that I was both passionate and effective in the HR function. Employees even came to talk to me about non-work related issues. When the Great Recession forced downsizing in my company, I was finally free to pursue what I was created to do: help individuals uncover THEIR purpose and discover THEIR truth. I became certified as a Career Coach while earning my M.S. in Clinical Mental Health.

I love that by you finally becoming free to pursue your purpose, you then began helping others find their own! That's beautiful! So, what were the first steps in creating your business?

The business literally created itself. I decided to take a severance package versus relocating (thank you, Great Recession!). I received a call from a former co-worker to catch up. I had no clue I was providing value-added advice until I received an unexpected check in the mail from him! I was just being me – and it felt so good! That check changed my career path. I started as an Executive Leadership Coach and, after getting licensed, expanded my services to include mental health counseling and consulting. After 25+ years in corporate, I knew I needed to have a private practice where I could show up authentically and unapologetically. I had no desire to expand to a group practice. Managing myself is hard enough! The pandemic + heightened awareness of social injustices caused my business to triple. I expanded the practice to include two super dope therapists – Shannon and Sheena.

Wow- I think a check in the mail is definitely a sign that you were on the right track! It sounds like everything progressed in your career very organically. That's so great! What is the lasting impact of Connect Grow Thrive Counseling LLC and what do you want your clients to leave with?

I want my clients to create an empowering narrative that challenges their cognitive distortions and allows them to connect and thrive – living their best lives!

Love that! Okay, last question! If you could describe your brand in a quote, what quote would it be?

"It always seem impossible until its done!" -Nelson Mandela

Thank you, Dr. Thommi! You are such an inspiration and it was an honor to take your branding photos!

Make sure you are following Dr. Thommi Lawson on IG @drthommi or you can connect with her at


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